About Small Business Guru

Welcome to The Small Business Guru,

The website where you can find practical tips and articles about all aspects of small business management, from starting up a new business to moving on up to a medium sized enterprise and on up from there.

Who Am I?

I have been a small business owner for two decades, it’s been fun. Mostly. There have been some tremendous challenges to overcome along the way but by and large, running my own businesses has been a positive and rewarding experience for me and my family. We have certainly enjoyed the fruits of my labours, but importantly I have also been around to watch my children grow up; I’ve not had to make those gut-wrenching decisions to leave poorly children at home with a nanny while I shot off to the city for a 12 hour working day. The life-style aspect of running a small business has been invaluable to me personally.

While the life-style benefits of running your own business are reason enough to follow your dreams, for me, the intellectual challenge of the journey from an embryonic idea, through the concept stage, launch stage and into the calmer years of a maturing and growing business has been tremendously rewarding. I still get a buzz when I walk through our town and see a family carrying one of my company’s carrier bags; I did that. I created a thriving business, gave employment to some seriously talented people, provided a service to our local community and fed my children as a result. Rewarding.

Pay It Forward

During my career, I’ve been fortunate to benefit from the generous knowledge of many experienced business owners who were older and wiser than I, they saved me from some expensive mistakes and equipped me to take intelligent shortcuts, all of which saved me time and money; two of the most precious commodities for a small business. Small Business Guru is my pay it forward, the place where I can hand on tips and experience to help anyone interested in starting a small business.

I hope the information helps you push forward and develop your own successful business.  If you want to chat please send me an email via the contact me page


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